Refurbished - Recherished - Remarkable

Proud Stockist of ANNIE SLOAN Paints and Products


Did you say STOCK RISK? Ohhhhh, Stock-IST !!

Well, it all started as I innocently attended another great workshop - this time with the renowned Barbara Skivington in her fabulous Faux Works Studio in North Carolina....we were covering cabinetry and multi-layered drop-dead gorgeous finishes - and as I sat after lunch waiting for class to resume I saw the shelves stocked with ....YOU KNOW.....the WHITE AND BLUE CANS....Annie Sloan Paints.  "So, what's THAT about?"  I asked.  Little did I know where it all would lead.

LONG Story short, this gal who has been pursuing finishes and furniture re-dos since the age of 8 ...........
see 'Why Catfish?? @
took about 20 cans home to the DC Metro area and started to play and play and play.


My retail space at On A Whim Home Boutique in Lucketts, VA became jam-packed with colors and wax finishes, textures and charm....
ON A WHIM has a charm of it's own

people began to ask me the age-old faux finishers dream question - "How DID you do that? and I wanted to lie.  I really did.  But I didn't.  I said, "It's the paint - not me" and that was the truth.

THEN I saw an Annie Sloan Stockist listed in New Jersey and it turned out to be my old pal of 20+ years, Miss Patty Seaman of Classic Wall Finishes...THEN I signed up for Annie's USA Tour Workshop.

THEN I was asked if I was available to escort Annie in NYC on the evening before the workshop to see her son, Hugo play with his band< "JONQUIL" ( at The Mercury lounge...."Uh, yeah, I think I can make that one".  Twist My Arm.
Ms. Annie Sloan - NYC  March 2011

After the ride into NYC on the New Jersey Transit, a grooving night of music (dating myself here) and an mouth-watering visit to the KATZ DELI with Annie........

You can REALLY eat some fries at KATZ's - NYC

I could see that she was, as they say, the real deal.  I had been reading her books for years and always wondered what she was like - she was so down to earth, so warm and real...and so very colorfully creative!   I finally just had to become a part of it ALL!  

My first love has always been teaching regular folks that furniture can be refinished, recherished and then remarkable - and something that EVERYONE CAN DO.  My favorite workshop student is the one that says "I do not have a creative BONE in my body!!"  Yeah, gal.  GOTCHA!  AND if we teach young folks how this is done - they may or may not refinish a piece right away - but they will never ever LOOK at another "OLD" piece of furniture the same way again..

So a proud and happy  Annie Sloan Stockist I am -check out my website for colors, orders and all -  A new studio has opened in Rockville, Maryland for workshops and painting tom-foolery - On A Whim in Lucketts  has thrown open the doors and shelves for the little white and blue cans of paint that really could - and can - and do! 


"Blue on Blue on Blue.....Mon Dieu !!!!"


  1. I have to stop in next time I'm in the area! I've driven by the pink silo before and always wondered what it was. My kids thought it was the coolest thing they've ever seen :) I can't wait to try the Annie Sloan paints!

  2. Hi!
    I couldn't wait to drive the hour to get to On a Whim, so I ordered some chalk paint and wax from you online and just finished my 1st project. I love it! Thanks for getting here so quickly and for packaging it so nicely. I hope to get to the polka dot silo soon to see your space in person. You can take a look at my buffet transformation here:

    Katie @ Cayenne Paper

  3. Hey, Celeste. I met you at On a Whim back in May when I purchased some ASCP. You were doing a demo and I pumped you with questions. Well, check out my blog to see a few projects that I've done.
    "Your Student",

  4. hi celeste, i just can't believe how you design this's really awesome.better than your color and whim did this blog alone or you give it to someone to do?pls let me know.tq

  5. I'd like to subscribe, but when I click on Subscribe to Post comments (Atom), I get a page full of code. I'm not sure where to go from there.
    Looking forward to the Annie Sloan workshops. Do you still give workshops in Lucketts?

  6. Just found you through Miss Mustard Seed. Love the 'catfish' analogy! Love A S paints especially Paris Grey!